Gold Magic by Bruce Davis


Pages (Print Edition): 261
Format(s): Paperback
Genre: Fantasy
Reading Level: Y/A, Crossover
ISBN-13: 9781938190582

The follow up to the enormously successful Platinum Magic novel by Fantasy author Bruce Davis published by Brick Cave Books.

The Hollows are a tinderbox. Rival drug gangs struggle for supremacy in the Orc dominated slum of Cymbeline. Poverty and prejudice keep thousands of Orcs locked in a cycle of misery and despair.

When four Orc children are found dead in a vacant lot, victims of a foul Blood magic ritual, Simon Buckley and his Magic Enforcement team know they have to solve the case quickly before the Hollows explode into violence.

Their investigation takes them from the mean streets of Cymbeline to the bucolic farmlands of the Grey Havens and ultimately to the Royal Palace and a secret so volatile that it threatens to destroy the Commonwealth and all that Simon holds dear.


Simon knelt beside the nearest child, a girl he noted, and checked her wrists. The marks were subtle but distinct. She had been bound with some sort of wide restraint, maybe padded with soft cloth. For an instant, his mind flashed back to another cold night, kneeling beside the body of hisfather, clutching the man’s lifeless hand in a mute appeal for rescue.Children. They’re not but children. He controlled a sudden surge of revulsion and anger that threatened to take his breath away. He looked up at Hal.“Blood Magic,” he said.


“Good characters, relationships, and a fantasy world that is not so wildly different than our own. Bruce sets a good pace throughout the series. I can’t wait for the next one)!” – demonrn

About Author Bruce Davis

“Obviously the themes of racial prejudice and power relationships are a big part of the story. I didn’t set out to write a book about those things. I wanted to write a good story using fantasy tropes in a modern setting. But any complex modern society has all of the same issues that we face today, including racism, political corruption and abuse of power.”

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