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12-05-20 | FANB Admin

Welcome to the FANB Q&A. This post will be updated as more questions are asked. Eventually, we will subdivide the Q&A into sections. To ask your own question that may not be listed here, feel free to use the Contact Us Form.

About setting up your account

Q: Why is using my Paypal address for my account important?

A: To make sales direct from your listing, the software will send the email address you have used to Paypal. If you use a different address, Paypal will notify you via that email and you'll have to sort it out with Paypal.

Q: Is there a fee to set up an account?

A: No.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of Ads I can post?

A: No, so long as your ads fit the Terms of Service conditions.

About fees and commissions

Q: Do I have to pay anything to post my book(s) for sale?

A: No, Book categories are always free to post.

Q: Does take a percentage of the sale?

A: No, the transaction is between you, Paypal and the shopper. FANB does not charge.

About Purchases

Q: How will I know when someone purchases a book or bookish item of mine?

A: Assuming that you have used your PayPal email address to create your account, you should receive two notifications, one from FANB saying someone clicked the buy button and one from PayPal indicating you have received $. You should NOT ship items if you have not received the notification from PayPal.

About what I can post

Q: I am not the author or publisher and I would like to post books for sale. can I do that?

A: Not at this time. We are working on a certified reseller program for those that would like to do so, but are not ready to launch it at this time.

Q: Can I post ads for free books, services, etc.?

A: Sure. Obviously, leave the price at $0 and include information about how visitors would take advantage of the offer (website or other links).

Q: Can my Ad refer people to another location to actually buy?

A: Yes. Leave the price at $0. Choose careful language to help people understand what they will need to do to buy your product. Adding steps makes things more complicated, so be very complete and very clear. 

Q: Can I post used books?
A: No. That does not fit the Terms of Service for the site.

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