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12-05-20 | FANB Admin

This post talks about the process of advertising on If there is a topic not covered here, please feel free to send us a note from the Contact Form.

Advertising with FAND can be done a number of ways beyond the creation of the Ad itself. here is where we explain some of the details on that process.

Types of Promotion/Advertising
You have several ways to extend the impact and exposure of the ads you place on FANB, including:

    - Featuring Ads
    - Boosting Ads
    - Category Banner Ads
    - Sponsoring a Category
    - Branded Categories

Featuring Ads
Ads can be featured (Shown on the home page and right column) for a number of days equal to the period you choose. This adds additional exposure for the ad across the site and drives more traffic to your ad itself.

Featuring an ad is done from within the ad itself, open any given ad and choose the length of time you would like to have the ad Featured. You will then be taken to Paypal to complete your purchase. Once completed, the software will automatically place the ad into feature rotation. In the event there are more featured ad requests than spaces available, the software will randomly select the featured ad to display each time the page is loaded.

Once a period has expired for an ad to be featured, you may choose to feature it again. If an ad expires before that end of it's featured period time, that remaining time is lost. If you re-list the ad, you will need to repurchased a Feature for the new listing.

Featured Ad Rate Schedule (as of 12/4/2020)

7 days (1 week)- $5
21 days (3 Weeks)- $14- a 3% discount
47 days (7 weeks)- $33- a 5% discount
98 days (14 Weeks)- $65- a 7% discount
175 days (25 Weeks)- $112- a 10% discount
How to Order: This can be done at any time by logging in and visiting the ad you you like to boost. The button will be present.

Boosting Ads
Ads within categories are usually listed based on when they are created, with the most recent ads being displayed first. Boosting an ad in essence resets the ad to be listed as the most recent ad. This is best for categories with a larger number of ads to avoid your ad being lost in a large catalog of offerings. You may Boost your ad as many times as you would like during the ad's run (each boost is a separate charge). a Boost does not guarantee a top of category listing as following the boost, new ads will come in above the boosted ad.

Boosting an ad is a one time $5 fee (as of 12/4/2020).

How to Order: This can be done at any time by logging in and visiting the ad you you like to boost. The button will be present.

Category Banner Ads
Each category home page hosts a 728x90 pixel banner for image advertisements. The advertisements are intended for use by FANB members that would like to promote their ads or branded categories. Members may purchase those opportunities from the FANB Add Ons category of the site, following the directions of their particular purchase for fulfillment. Items of note:

    - Banner Assets are the responsibility of the client
    - All banners must be 728x90 pixels in size
    - Banner may be submitted in .jpg, .gif, .png or .pdf formats
    - Banner run from the date they are submitted until the expiration date of the ad
    - Banner rotate with other banners and receive unlimited impressions during the showing period.

Banner Ad Rate Schedule, as of 12/4/2020:

    - Single Category (Must be a category the Ad appears in) $149
    - All Categories $199

How to Order: Purchase the Banner Ad you want from the FANB Add Ons category.

Sponsoring a Category
An author or publisher is welcome to be a Category Sponsor within FANB. This sponsorship does not require ads to be run on FANB (although we don't understand why you wouldn't, but whatevs). The sponsorship allows the sponsor to place their logo plus descriptive pitch and link to website/social media within the description of the category. Additional details:

    - Sponsor is acknowledged on the category page, with a sponsor logo and link to sponsor's web presence.
    - Sponsor may provide 140 character descriptive pitch for their business.
    - Sponsorship is annual and will need to be renewed each year.

Category Sponsorship, 1 year: $249 (as of 12/4/2020)

How to Order: Purchase the Banner Ad you want from the FANB Add Ons category.

Branded Categories
Branded Categories are separate categories within the FANB library named for the Category Sponsor. Only the sponsor is able to publish ads within the category, and may publish as many ads as they with within the category, provided they meet the site Terms of Service requirements. Category Sponsorship is for one year, and can be renewed ongoing at the same rate as the time of purchase. Additional Details:

    - Sponsor logo included in description
    - Sponsor may provide 500 word description for their category, with links to website or other resources.
    - Unlimited Ad submission within their category.
    - You may post both in your sponsored category as well as any other category your books fit
    - Open only to Publishers and Authors
    - Includes 1x Banner Ad for EACH Category that your books would fit in, run annually.
    - Includes 1x Home Page Carousel Banner Ad

Branded Category Sponsorship, 1 year: $299 (as of 12/4/2020)

Sponsors may add additional sub categories at $100 apiece per year.

How to Order: Purchase the Banner Ad you want from the FANB Add Ons category.

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