Selling with Zero Commissions? Yes Please!


So, what is the point of this site?

As the post title implies, it is to let indie authors and small presses offer their books for sale without a commission of sales fee. It's also designed to leverage the traffic that a large number of authors

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Version Update


Hi all-

   Just a quick check in that we did some maintenance tonite, updated the software version.

- Bob

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Welcome to 2021, Book Lovers


Since relaunch, thank you to the 300+ visitors to the site!

Looking at a some maintenance this month, February we'll be hitting the ground running with a new promotional push and some great new ideas. For December 2020, we were the 5th busiest site in the

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Back online... let's do this!


OK, so we had some shenanigans that got in the way at the end of November. Updates and Upgrades that did not go as well as hoped, so we went ahead and pulled the site offline to give it a thorough update.That is now (Mostly) complete, and we can now

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Advertising on


This post talks about the process of advertising on If there is a topic not covered here, please feel free to send us a note from the Contact Form.

Advertising with FAND can be done a number of ways beyond the creation of the Ad itself.

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Find A New Book Q&A


Welcome to the FANB Q&A. This post will be updated as more questions are asked. Eventually, we will subdivide the Q&A into sections. To ask your own question that may not be listed here, feel free to use the Contact Us Form.

About setting up your

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