About FindANewBook.com

FindANewBook.com was conceived as a promotion & sales tool for indie authors and small press. It is a product of Proxima Emporium LLC.(PE), a small literary promotional company in Mesa, AZ. We were charged with one of our own clients, Brick Cave Media, to find new and unique ways to promote their books.

FANB utilizes open source software to keep costs low for PE and posts free for Authors/Publishers. While posting to MOST sections is free, there are some sections that have a small posting fee associated with them.

To publish your first classified, here is what you do.
    • Create an account. make sure to use your PayPal email address, that way people can buy your book directly from the listing. Creating an account is free.
    • After logging in, you can select the Red "Publish New" button or the "Publish new advertisement" link in any category to create your first ad.
    • Fill in the relevant information about your item. You may upload as many as 4 images of your item in your listing.
    • Set a Price, and be sure to put the url for your website or other location.
    • Once you hit publish, your ad will be sent to the administrator Queue to be approved. You're done!

 The spirit of the site is to allow independent publishers and small presses the opportunity to promote their works. In that spirit the following items will not be accepted. Accounts found in violation of these terms may be blocked from further site use at the discretion of the administrators.
    • Used books.
    • 3rd party manufactured merchandise.
    • Items for which the account holder does not own or control the copyright.

While the vast majority of categories have no listing fees, some do. As of this writing, no categories have listing fees This list is subject to change and may not reflect the most recent changes.

At this time, once an ad expires, you will nee to re-enter the ad and submit it for approval.

As listings increase and more ads are created, you may want to consider "Boosting" your ad to return it to the Latest Ads Queue. You may boost an ad as often as you would like within the 180 day listing window. Each "Boost" is $5, paid by PayPal. There are additional ways to promote your brand and ads, learn more here.

Findanewbook.com maintains space for "Featured Ads", easily seen by visitors and prominently offered as choices. Ads may be Featured by a length of time-
- 7 days (1 week)- $5 ($5)
- 21 days (3 Weeks)- $14, save 3%
- 49 days (7 weeks)- $33, save 5%
- 98 days (14 Weeks)- $65, save 7%
- 175 days (25 Weeks)- $112, save 10%
All Featured plan fees are paid by Paypal.  There are additional ways to promote your brand and ads, learn more here.

BiblioFight.com is another service of Proxima Emporium that utilizes the FINB platform to measure sales in a monthly author competition. Learn more at their website.

FindANewBook.com is not able to enforce or intervene in any disputes regarding the failed fulfillment of books or other items ordered. That being said, should you run into any issues, please do not hesitate to advise us at the email concern@findanewbook.com. We can prevent the user from continuing to use the service if we find they have violated our terms of service.

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