Sell through Amazon?
This Banner Ad is easy, send us the ISBN or ASIN and Amazon does the rest. The Banner size appears across the entire network of 25+ Proxima Sites with thousand of views each month. Advertise your Kindle book, hard bound, audio book or paperback.

  • The Ad is 120x240 pixels in size

  • Your impressions are unlimited during the ad period.

  • One book can be advertised per purchase

  • Link clicks process through to your listing at Amazon

This offer is to get 6 months for the price of 5, and you can see how the service works. If you like it, you can create an ongoing subscription at $5/month at the Proxima Banner Ad Service Home Page.

How many sites will the Ad show on?
There are currently 26 different websites in the Proxima Emporium Banner Ad Network (including this one). The majority of them are literary focused. Then average site shows 400-500 banner impressions a month (as of July 2020).

Submitting your ISBN/ASIN
You can include it in the notes of your PayPal Order, or we will email you to request them once the order is complete.

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