“Shoes with engines, springs and sprockets, kick-start heels, and shoe-size rockets.”

A rhyming story for every kid who wants to fly–and wonders when it’s okay to break the rules.

Like all children, José dreams of flying. So he works hard to buy a pair of rocket shoes that let him jet into the atmosphere. But all those spins, kicks, and airborne tricks cause such a ruckus around town that the mayor bans the shoes and shuts down the factory.

Then, one day, during a terrible snowstorm, José hears a cry: his neighbor’s in danger–and he can only help her if he puts on the shoes.

Will José dare to break the rules and save the day?


“Wonderful book, great story, and beautiful illustrations. Perfect for children of all ages.“– Barbara Roberts

“My eight year-old son adores this book! He likes the fun rhyme, the heroic character named Jose, and the colorful illustrations. It has a terrific message about helping others, too!” – Phoebe Fox

“My son picked this book at the book fair and has read it over and over, it’s his current favorite.“- Adrianne

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