Welcome to FindANewBook.com. My name is Bob Nelson. I run a business called Proxima Emporium LLC. (among others), which is the host for this site.

It's a Classified Ads service for indie authors, small press and publishers.

Couple things to know right away:
    •    Listing your books is free. Just create an account and get to creating your listing.
    •    IF you use your Paypal address to create your account, people can buy your book direct from the listing, no middle person, no fees, no commissions... period. You get all the money, you get all the data on the buyer. That's the point. "The Business" takes enough of the profit on a book that you end up with literal pennies.
    •    Don't do shenanigans. That sucks for everyone.

"But Bob," you ask, "How do YOU make money?"
The site helps Proxima Emporium in a couple ways. You do have a couple options for boosting and promoting your ad that are reasonably priced and help pay the bills. The banner ads you see are also an exclusive service of Proxima Emporium, you can learn more about that here. Some of the categories also do have listing fees, you can see which ones and how much they are on this page.

Overall, the point is create an alternative, minimally intrusive marketplace for writers to sell their works. In future blog posts, we'll explore more aboutthe depth of the site and how you can best take full advantage of it. But in the meantime, sign up to be notified of new listings, news and blog posts through our exclusive email list.