September is coming up fast, and we have new content adds coming to the site. Up to know, we have focused on the site's tools to help Authors sell their books direct to readers. In September, we add some tools to help authors promote themselves, including:

New Literary Media Entertainment Category

This category will start out with 5 subcategories, including:

  • Author Websites
  • Publisher/Small Press Websites
  • Book Review Blogs
  • Vlog of YouTube Channel
  • Podcast

These are geared more towards promotion, and driving traffic to your literary content. They will launch with $0 listing fees. Listings can be boosted or featured for the standard fees.

New Author and Small Press Category Sponsorships

These two categories will allow authors and small presses with multiple book listings to bring them together under a themed banner. These will be sponsored categories, meaning that the author or small press will need to annually renew their availability. Pricing, and the details of content will be announced at launch.

New Q&A and "How To" Videos

We'll be launching an all new Q&A Page and some how to videos to help authors maximize their listings at